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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions, If your answer is not below, feel free to click Contact Us.

What is your delivery zone?

We deliver all over New York City, If the website shows your address as "we do not deliver" you may simply switch to "pickup" and enter your address. You may receive a call from our team if there would be delivery fees to be applied. If you are outside of NYC, please click "contact us" and reach out to us.

Is your food halal?

Yes, we are a fully certified halal caterer. 

How much advance should I order?

The more time you give us the better we serve, but hey we get it its a busy world :) If your order is for less then 20 people we suggest 2 hours head notice. 

How much far out can I order?

Our website allows for up to 7 days of future ordering, But have no worries just place the order for any day and write in the special instructions that you would rather have it on a future date. We highly suggest giving us a call to notify about this instruction.

Can we use our Tax exemption form?

Yes, After placing your order, email us your tax exemption form, we will gladly submit a tax refund as soon as we receive your tax exemption form.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders below 15 people "24 hours" required from the time of your scheduled delivery. Above 15 people minimum 48 hours required.

How many people does a package serve? (Gold/Silver)

Each package serves 1 person. Minimum 10 orders required to serve any of the packages. Example: If you order 20 Gold packages you would be serving 20 people.

How many people does each item serve?

Each item serves 1 person. There are different minimums required for each item. Example: If you order 10 hummus, you would be serving a hummus tray that will include enough for 10 people.

What size of trays do the food come in? 

We have several different trays, depending on the size of your order our kitchen will organize the tray. Example: If you order 15 orders of hummus it would be served in half deep pans, etc.

What kind of trays do you use?

We use hard aluminum catering trays that are mostly compatible with all chafers. 

Can you serve in elegant trays instead of aluminum?

Yes, we have white elegant high quality melamine like trays. This is a special request, you would have to contact our team to organize this, as there would be fees and advanced notice needed for this request. You may see these catering trays on our Instagram page by clicking on the icon on the top of the page.

Can you serve in real plates and utensils?

Yes, this requires a minimum of 7 days advanced notice. This is a special request, you would have to contact our team to organize this, as there would be fees and advanced notice needed for this request.

Are plates, utensils, sharing spoons included?

Unfortunately No. We use high quality plastic, as its very costly to us and in most cases they are not needed by our customers it becomes a waste and not very green :( Please go under "Side & Essentials" to place your utensils order.

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