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Top 5 Mediterranean spices. 🫚

Your recipes need spices! Not just any spice though, must be a few from the Mediterranean region. On this list we have gathered some of the best spices you can get out of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean region is home to a rich array of spices and herbs that are integral to its cuisines. The most commonly used spices that you must try are:

1. Oregano: This herb is a staple in Turkish, Greek, Italian cooking, lending a distinct earthy and slightly minty flavor to dishes like salads, pizza, and pasta.

2. Basil: Often associated with Italian cuisine, basil offers a fresh and slightly sweet tasting aroma, perfect for pesto, caprese salads, and vegetable-based dishes.

3. Thyme: Its earthy and slightly floral notes, thyme is the king of spices used in a wide range of Mediterranean dishes, from roasted meats to soups, to seafood.

4. Rosemary: Oh the smell of this flower like herb. This robust herb is a Mediterranean classic, known for its aromatic, piney flavor that complements lamb, roasted potatoes, and seafood dishes. Guess what?! You may even use it in cocktails to give it a beautiful scent and chick look.

5. Cumin: Commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine as well as Mediterranean, cumin brings warm and earthy notes to dishes like falafel and hummus, babaghanoush and variety of meat based dishes.

What are you waiting for? Go on to the nearest supermarket and get some of these spices that will certainly change the way you eat and cook.

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