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How to execute an excellent catering? 👌

Let us show you how to order catering for any type of event and receive lots of compliments.

We all know how important it is and how hard it is to make everyone happy. As they say; Happiness starts with a full stomach. Lets go over some basics to make sure we have happy guests and at the same time show off to our guests who the real boss is when it is time for organizing a catering.

Here are some tips to make sure we are as close to PERFECT as possible since nothing is perfect, we will just get as close as we can to it :).

Tip #1 - Know your guests

Consider your guests' preferences and dietary restrictions. Determine if there are vegetarians, vegans, halal only eaters or those with specific allergies towards nuts, gluten etc. This ensures everyone can savor the feast.

Tip #2 - Event type

Tailor your menu to the occasion. For a casual gathering, a mezze platter with dips, pita, and finger foods might be perfect. For formal events, consider a more elaborate selection of kebabs and traditional dishes.

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." – George Bernard Shaw

Tip #3 - Crowd favorites

Study your guests, see what they have loved the most in the past, order more of what they liked, If chicken was the first thing that ran out on your last event keep in mind to order more chicken instead of lamb. If hummus was the first one to finish, guest what? Order more hummus.

Tip #4 - Quantity and Variety

Estimate the number of guests and ensure the quantity of food ordered is sufficient. Include a variety of items to cater to diverse tastes. Instead of ordering too much of one type of item, split your budget in to a variety of items so your table looks colorful and tasteful.

Tip #5 - Cater to the season.

Consider the season and the weather. In the summertime, a refreshing Greek salad and our variety of cold appetizers might be a hit, while in winter, warm and hearty dishes like "Turkish meatballs" or spiced "Chicken Adana" could be perfect.

Tip #6 - Consult with us.

Go ahead! Click on that "Contact us" button or simply email us at Our experienced team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us for recommendations and guidance in creating a menu that suits your event perfectly.

You got this! or We will make sure you do.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create a Turkish/Mediterranean catering feast that's not only delicious but also tailored to your event's unique needs. Your guests will be treated to an authentic taste of Mediterranean food right served by the right people that come from the Mediterranean.

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